CannonBall Read #5

I often find myself reading a pop-culture site called Pajiba. While much of it is pretty silly, it’s very funny and keeps me informed of important things (like when Arrested Development is back on the air and how stunningly awful movies released in January tend to be). One thing they sponsor is an event called the CannonBall Read. It’s basically a group that tries to read 52 books in a year (or 26 or 13 if you want be a bit more mellow). For each book read, you must post a review on their blog (or link to it on your own site). For each person that finishes 52, the site makes a nice donation to the college fund of a young child whose mother passed away from cancer midway thru the first CannonBall Read. So if you read a lot, or want to read more (and be sort of held to it), sign on up. January is already a few days old, so get cracking. I’ll post my reviews here, and link to them off the main CBR site. Good luck!

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