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Americana by Don DeLillo

Most books fit into some basic genres (mystery, historical fiction, self-help (privileged white women eating Indian food and claiming inner peace), etc.). Americana was a tough one for me to classify. Most simply, I could stick it into two genres. The first … Continue reading

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CannonBall Read #5

I often find myself reading a pop-culture site called Pajiba. While much of it is pretty silly, it’s very funny and keeps me informed of important things (like when Arrested Development is back on the air and how stunningly awful … Continue reading

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BenML’s #CBR5 Review #01: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

 Pick up this book—it weighs little. At under 200 pages, I suppose novella would be an apt description, but crammed into its pages are endless glowing descriptions, painful moments, and tidbits of perfect clarity. The Sense of an Ending is riveting, meandering, … Continue reading

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Boat Posts

Obviously, I’ve been lacking on the blog lately. Summer is busy. At the moment I’m sailing a boat to Florida. Check out a tumblr I made for the trip: The Bon Voyage Chronicles One of these days I’ll get some … Continue reading

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In the Morning

I’m most selfish in the morning. When the rim of the bright burning ball first breaches from the waves like a smooth, gray whale aflame, I go mum and stare until my eyes ache with bloody reds and warm glowing … Continue reading

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The Cabin (Part VI/The End)

(Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V) Darkness. I’m not so much worried as sick. My stomach is boiling into a storm of helplessness and my heart is pounding harder and faster than I should let it. I try … Continue reading

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The Cabin (Part V)

(Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV) Sarah and Lucy had just returned from town. They, unlike I, had walked back and forth, and had also stopped to buy a few groceries. The timing was almost perfect. As I pulled … Continue reading

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